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Are you thinking, “I really want to find a place where dad, mom, or another senior will enjoy living…a place where he or she can get the care he or she needs and the dignity he or she deserves?”

That’s exactly how we feel. Nothing is more important to us than quality care for the persons who mean the most to us. That’s why Sunrise Senior Care is family-owned and operated. If your parent or family member needs help with daily tasks, like making meals, taking medication, dressing and bathing, turn to our family.

We know through personal experience the challenges of taking care of a parent when you also have a job and a family.

That’s why we started Sunrise Senior Care.

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Sunrise Senior Care, Ltd. | 3710 Talmadge Road | Toledo, OH 43605 | Ph: 419-729-8177 | Cell: 419-917-6971

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